Savannah epstein2
 Savannah Epstein is a tribute made by Andy1854


Name: Savannah Epstein

District: Preferrably 1, but any district as long as she is a Career.

Age: 17

Weapons: Archery, Axe, Kinfe

Strengths: Strong, Fast

Weaknesses: She is somewhat dim and a little bit off mentally.

Startegy: She fights in the bloodbath with the careers. But behind the Careers' backs, she secretly sneaks food and supplis to her sister from another district, Galina Kiltova.

Personality: She is slightly spoiled and bratty, but usually she is okay. She is determined and she WILL get her way. She is a traitor to the Careers as she helps her sister to live.

Angle: She acted determined and vicious, and she flipped her hair at least 7 times.

Backstory: She was separated from Galina at birth and they were moved to differebt districts. She volunteered for the games when she heard Galina had been reaped.