Lucas Hawthorne
Child of Gale Hawthorne
Son of Music and Sunlight

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He was born on sunny day to Gale and Katherine Hawthorne. Two weeks after he was born, his mom died from cancer. Then, Gale, who was extremely depressed, moved to District Twelve with his kids and lived next to Katniss and Peeta Mellark. There they lived happily until Lucas was two years old and was diagnosed with a new sickness caused by his mom's cancer cells while he was in her womb and it didn't have a cure. He was sent to the Capitol to have surgery but it didn't fully cure him and he had to be sent back every time his cells were attacked. The sickness caused him to be a bit smaller than most kids his age which led to him being bullied in school. When he was eleven, the Capitol regained power and forced all the Victors' (and Gale's) into a torturous Game. He was stabbed in the back by Kajama Odair (who was shot in the heart by Selia, Lucas's sister) but managed to survive when the Capitol gathered all the tributes left after Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Annie hijacked a hovercraft and broke into the arena. Lucas was collected by the Capitol who healed him then tortured him by forcing him into a tank full of water and injecting needles into his veins that electrified him whenever he encouraged the fight for freedom on interveiws and when they decided that it wasn't enough, they managed to get the cells to attack his brain but kept him on medication so he would have hallucinations. After a few month, the rebels managed to rescue the mentally scarred pieces of Lucas and transported him back to District Twelve.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Katherine Hawthorne (mother, deceased)

Gale Hawthorne (father, alive)
Selia Hawthorne (sister, alive)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Greyish-Green
Hair Colour Brownish-Black
Height 4'9"
Affiliation The Districts
Weapons Bow and Arrow
Home District Two and Twelve
Friends/Allies -
Enemies The Capitol


He's a


Lucas has his dad's shaggy black hair, startling bright grey eyes that have green flecks, pale skin that has multiple scars on it, and a natural atheletic, but smaller, body.

Weapons and Skills

As a son of Gale and a citizen of District Two and Twelve I am quite good at archery, handling a knife, and setting traps.