Galina Kiltova is one of Andy1854's tributes.


Name: Galina Kiltova

Age: 14

District: 8 preferrably, but any district works as long as she isn't a career

Weapons: Throwing knives, axe, archery

Personality: Kind and manipulative, and she is clever and sly. At times she can be sensitive.

Strengths: She is a good swimmer, climber, and runner. She is also clever.

Weaknesses: She has arachnephobia and acrophobia. And she has habits of spacing out sometimes.

Bloodbath Strategy: She never participates in the bloodbath. She steals from other weaker tributes or collects remaining supplies after the bloodbath is over.

Angle: She acted shy and manipluative, which she is, and eventually swiped the interviewer's shoe as a joke.

Backstory: She was abandoned by her drunken and mentally ill parents and kicked out into poverty on the streets. Galina learned how to steal supplies from other people's homes. She was reaped at age 14.

My tribute galina