District and Capitol Permit Collection Office

Welcome to the District and Capitol Permit Collection Office! Please make sure that your application has been approved at the registration office before proceeding with the next step. Once this has been completed, look through the thirteen district permits and Capitol permit below and find the one you've applied for. Once you've found it, just check in with a member of office staff, who will fill in the correct details and then issue you with the permit by putting it on your user profile. After this is done, we will add you to our list of registered permit holders.

Capitol permit

District 1 Permit

District 2 Permit

District 3 Permit

District 4 permit

District 5 permit

District 6 permit

District 7 permit

District 8 permit

District 9 permit

District 10 permit

District 11 permit

District 12 permit

District 13 permit